About NG

NG Subtitling Ltd. was founded in 2007 by Noa and Guy Sadeh, industry experts with years of experience in subtitling. NG offers subtitling services across the entire spectrum of editing software and has the capacity to provide files in all available formats, including embedded subtitles.

Over a decade of successful collaborations bears witness to thousands of hours of television broadcast subtitles, as well as hundreds of corporate promotional and instructional videos and personal family videos. Our clientele is concentrated mainly in the television and movie industry, including documentary and independent film productions, as well as companies and organizations in the corporate sector. Educational institutions, film students and private clients also enjoy our services.

We eat, sleep and breathe the world of subtitles, and as a young and dynamic company, enthusiastically tackle every technological or linguistic challenge with our extensive toolbox of solutions. In line with our philosophy of providing our clients with a comfortable and user-friendly editing experience, we have developed innovative technological tools, among them a cloud-based editing app with a simple, user-friendly interface. This app enables our clients to proofread and approve the video we’ve transcribed or translated for them, easily and efficiently, at their convenience and from any personal computer.

We produce subtitles in every language and translate from and to any language that exists on the face of the Earth. You’d be surprised at the amount countries we’re able to cooperate with, regardless of their geographical remoteness, using modern lines of communication such as Facebook. Our projects have included many exotic languages, such as Uzbeki, Nepali, Georgian, Flemish, the Bukhori dialect and Sudanese Dinka.

Our can-do list also includes translation of raw material for editing, transcription to Word files and translation of television and film industry texts, including TV scripts and synopses. We also provide services for biblical texts and videos for crowed sourcing campaigns.

From the moment we take on a project until its final publication, we work alongside our clients to get the job done. If need be, we work around the clock, seven days a week, offering fast, reliable and efficient service during the entire process. Above all, we pay attention to every detail, no
matter how small, with uncompromising professionalism, correct language use, precise timing and accurate caption cueing. As a result, our subtitles remain true to the spirit and content of your original script and your message is conveyed exactly as you intended.

We’re ready and waiting to produce great subtitles for you.

Just call us at +972-72-2522551 and we’ll get right to work!