About us

NG Subtitling Ltd. is a translation and subtitle production company.

We have a track record of over a decade in creation, precision and innovation without compromise, which have led us into non-stop activity in the film and television industry. Our studio works with creators, directors, post-production companies, government entities, and even private individuals.

We’re active in various fields of content, and take part in a rich variety of genres: from drama, comedy, and reality TV shows, through documentaries to award-winning feature films.

NG Subtitling
Let’s talk subtitles for a moment

Whenever we watch TV series or movies, the subtitles are there for us, interpreting the sounds we hear.

But what happens when the protagonist speaks incorrectly? Can we, as viewers, take this content seriously when we see a language error?

When an interviewee is asked a question and takes a moment to ponder, we might see many pauses (“Ummm…”, “Uhhh…”) Should we transcribe this? Should we ignore it?

There are many things to take into consideration when creating a transcript for a spoken language. Among other things, the subtitles are intended to create a simple and natural viewing experience, without confusing the viewer.

And what about the digital world?

People are constantly seeking information. The main problem is that search engines don’t “speak” video, but rather text. Here is where the subtitles kick in. By adding hidden subtitles to videos, search engines can get direct access to the video’s content. That way, Google, YouTube or Facebook’s algorithms are able to link the video’s content to the potential client‘s search.

Visible subtitles, on the other hand, are embedded in the video itself. They can’t be turned on or off, they’re always visible to the viewers.

Thanks to subtitles, the message is conveyed better than  any other way. They augment the viewing experience by using two senses at the same time – both hearing and sight.

Research indicates that the absorption of information combining both sight and hearing improves concentration when watching long videos, reinforces viewers’ understanding of the message, and helps them keep it in memory.

There’s a reason why subtitles are a simple solution to the problem of viewers loss in videos that play automatically Videos have to arouse the viewers’ curiosity within the first 3 to 7 seconds. Once you have their attention, you want the viewers to keep on watching – and the way to do it is through subtitles.

There are many various platforms producing content, but without creating accurate, professional, and high quality accessibility for it, the viewing experience is damaged – which no content provider wants.

NG Subtitling – Making every word count.

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