Our Team

Noa Sadeh

Project Manager - Globalization

I manage our growing globalization division.
I enjoy women’s networking groups
and my three children
are receiving anthroposophic education.


Guy Sadeh


In addition to being responsible for NG’s product quality control,
I also consider myself the world’s biggest
undiscovered rock ‘n roll music talent.

Carmel Ron

Project Manager

I’m a former graphic designer with, believe it or not,
a degree in biotechnology.
But I found my true calling here at NG.
I love words, languages and working with people 🙂
The two greatest loves in my life are my three mischievous
yet marvelous sons and my passion for singing,
and I use every chance I get to exercise my vocal chords!

Daniel Berger

Subtitle producer

Originally from Haifa, I enjoy music, baking and silence…
A proud father to a cat and a dog, French and Spanish speaker,
living in a nature reserve…
I have years of experience in subtitling, translation,
and other aspects of production, mainly documentaries,
which led me to NG, which has become my home since 2014.   

Mor Rotem

Project Manager

Before I fell in love with NG and the subtitling world
I worked in public relations and advertising.

I was also an economist in my past,
until I realized that I’m too much of a spender.

I have a little girl, husband, dog
and a wonderful closet full of clothes.

Tal Levi

Project Manager

I’m an electronics engineer.
I manage the technical systems
and provide computer solutions for NG.
I love my four sweet dogs and my family
more than anything else.

Tanya Shapso

Finance Manager

I enjoy books and historical movies.
My true therapy is being in the fields of the Galilee,
whether for a rejuvenating run,
an ATV adventure or a family bike trip,
as long as I’m outdoors.

Kfir Moslavi


I love nature and landscapes,
especially those of the north and the Sea of Galilee,
I enjoy listening to music and playing my guitars,
and I am always pleased to new languages.
I came to NG after my love for the field
which combines linguistics

and Hebrew language in particular.