TV & Movie Subtitles

Israel’s TV and movie industry annually produces an impressive amount of original video content and disability laws dictate that this content must be accessible to hearing-impaired audiences through the use of subtitles and sign language.

But transcription and translation don’t only benefit not only hearing-impaired audiences. In fact, they enhance the viewer experience for all audiences because by helping audiences understand the visuals better, particularly, but not only, when the video is in a foreign language. The quality of the transcription or translation is vital since it directly affects the general viewer experience.

By investing much of its resources and efforts in identifying the best technological solutions in all editing software, NG successfully meets the challenges arising from the constant, ongoing technological changes in the industry. With today’s technology, which enables us to add subtitles online at the editing stage, subtitles become an integral part of the video itself. This process gives clients control of both the content and the visual elements of the text. We facilitate the proofreading process by offering clients use of a dedicated cloud-based app that completely revolutionizes the work process. The app empowers our clients, enabling them to watch the videos with our subtitles at their convenience and from any location, even from the comfort of their own homes. They can edit and make any changes independently.

In addition, full collaborative projects with clients, invite us to transmit the intended message clearly and in context. These projects require precision in every word and punctuation marks since they have a direct influence on editing costs and reducing work time.

NG has played a major role in the independent film and documentary sectors of the movie industry and has translated hundreds of movies for cinemas and various local and international movie festivals. We have subtitled thousands of broadcast hours for commercial, satellite and cable television channels, for genres including reality TV, feature films, elite productions, studio programs and TV specials. We have also translated dozens of program formats to English and other languages for sale abroad, some of which have enjoyed tremendous success. NG’s highly skilled staff is always on standby and equipped to handle high-maintenance programs like reality shows, which run on extremely tight schedules and require high quality subtitling available very quickly, sometimes even within the same day.


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