The evolution of technology over the last decade has been a major catalyst for a revolution in the subtitling industry, completely changing the editing process.

Until a decade ago, subtitles were laser-printed onto cinema film and sent as a finished product to clients or production companies, whose involvement in the process was limited. If a client wanted to check the subtitles and do any editing, they had to go to the subtitling company, sit with the subtitling staff and do the editing there together, entailing a great expenditure of time and labor.

Today, we have the ability to add subtitles directly into the video online during the editing phase. This gives clients full control of both the written content and the visual elements of the text. Clients can now be more closely involved in the process and enjoy greater flexibility in making desired changes to the text.

Support in all Formats

NG offers clients subtitling in all popular formats, including formats for editing software such as FCP, Avid and Adobe Premiere, formats for live broadcasting such as Pac or 890, and of course, formats for DCP. We perform regular updates to our existing editing software and constantly follow market launches of new and advanced editing software. Every innovation in software presents new challenges which we embrace with great eagerness and enthusiasm. Some editing software has a live text facility which enables editors to change both visual and textual elements of the subtitles, while others have no text-embedding option and are exported via QT files with alpha channels.